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School Philosophy

Our philosophy is to develop students who are knowledgeable about 21st Century literacies and the importance of active student engagement and taking ownership for their learning and behaviour. We believe that this can be achieved through: exemplary staff performance, parental support and excellence in student achievement. We believe in the importance of supporting our students as they strive to become the following: active learners, who work towards standard of excellence in knowledge, skills and attitudes in all subject areas; progressive and flexible decision makers, who commit to pursue lifelong learning to achieve goals; self-directed individuals, who develop into responsible and confident individuals displaying initiative and the ability to get along with others; team participants, who make wise choices; ethical and respectful citizens, who are caring and responsible; effective thinkers, who demonstrate the skills of creative, flexible and critical thinking, independent reasoning and problem solving. We want to support our students as they achieve their best potential and support them on their journey of Growing into Greatness.